Quality policy

Moftah Exchange Company has obtained the international quality certificate ISO 9001- 2015

Meftah Exchange Co. is committed to maintaining its firm values towards its customers, and harnessing its financial, human and technical resources to provide financial and banking services of the highest levels of quality and excellence, in a way that meets the needs, requirements and expectations of its customers, and is in line with the strategic directions of the company.

In order to achieve this commitment, the company does the following:

Maintaining institutional excellence by working with a clear vision and goals and keeping abreast of modern technological developments.
Building distinguished relationships with customers to achieve their requirements, meet their needs, adopt their proposals, and verify their satisfaction with the services provided to them.
Providing a stimulating work environment and activating the principle of contribution and active participation.
Continuously raising the level of employee efficiency through training and development.
Work in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the Central Bank, and other local and international legal and legislative requirements.
Ensure that all employees understand and apply the principles, objectives and quality policy.
Ensure the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) and monitor it periodically and continuously in order to continuously improve its effectiveness and increase its efficiency.
Building and strengthening international and local partnerships to achieve sustainable success.
Reaching the success aspirations of its partners, including customers, suppliers and employees.

The company’s management also confirms its commitment to this policy, maintaining it and circulating it to all employees and related parties, understanding and developing it in line with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

General Director

Hafez Ahmed Moftah