General Manager’s Speech

Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors - General Manager, Mr. Hafez Ahmed Moftah

Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors – General Manager, Mr. Hafez Ahmed Moftah

Greetings and welcome to all,

I would like to express my great happiness and pride in the hard work of our esteemed company and the great effort of every employee within this leading exchange company in the Republic of Yemen. It is an honor for me to be the General Manager of the best team and the best company with a long history and good reputation in providing financial and banking services.

Moftah Exchange Company has a great heritage of innovation and development, which always drives us to strive to improve and develop our services continuously to lead in the exchange and money transfers sector to meet the needs of our customers and achieve their financial ambitions.

In this context, the company’s senior management has developed an ambitious and innovative plan to achieve pioneering goals and vision in the exchange sector. Our vision is to achieve success and leadership by providing superior services to our valued customers. And relying on investing in advanced technology and financial tools that allow us to provide our services more efficiently and effectively. We are also aware of our social responsibility, and we are keen to comply with the banking laws and regulations in force in Yemen, and work to improve customer experience and meet their needs continuously.

We understand that our customers are the core of our business, and we work continuously to provide exceptional customer service, which is characterized by dedication and professionalism that ensures the provision of high quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

In addition, our core values include continuity, innovation, collaboration and excellence. We strive to achieve these values in all aspects of our business and apply them in our services and our relationship with our customers, partners and the community environment because of our belief in the importance of social responsibility and keenness to work to improve the lives of the communities we serve, and to contribute to the development of local communities.

Finally, we believe that success requires teamwork and collaboration among our team, partners and customers. We are committed to providing a successful and stable work environment that encourages creativity, innovation and cooperation so that our team can achieve their maximum potential and achieve success in the company’s business.

Thank you all, and we always look forward to continuing to provide our superior services and achieve our common goals.